National Puppy Day!

Before Fiona came along, our dog Sophie was our baby.  We adopted her two years ago and just as we saved her life, she changed ours.  It was easy to fall in love with her cute face and her sweet disposition.  I lovingly called her my assistant because wherever I went, there she was.

When Fiona came home, things changed.

I think Sophie made her position clear when she peed on the carpet in front of Fiona’s crib.

She knew that she was no longer the “only child” and she didn’t like it.  10375921_10155415448435061_6469181002101160876_n

But three months later, here we are…a big happy family.

Not only do I now have two assistants, Sophie and FIona are slowly but surely becoming partners in crime, and I am confident that Fiona will grow up to be a better kid because of Sophie.

To those who have hesitations about adopting a shelter dog because they worry about how they might interact with their small children, I urge you to give them a chance.  Sure, exercise common sense, but know that there are some amazing dogs of all ages and breeds in desperate need of a forever home.

You might even save a life.



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